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Apple CarPlay Automation

Apple Carplay Automation I wanted a way to automate some of the basic actions I take when connecting my iPhone to the car. I always open Waze and always listen to YouTube music. Then I started looking online for what others have done, then customized it to my needs. Navigate Home This Shortcut will provide […]

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RPi Bookworm Apt Update fails due to missing public key

No Public Key Error After upgrading the Raspberry Pi to Bookworm, I received the following errors as the apt tries to download updates from the debian bookworm source. pi@raspberrypi:~/tmp $ sudo apt update Get:1 bookworm-security InRelease [48.0 kB] Get:2 bookworm InRelease [151 kB] Get:3 bookworm-updates InRelease [52.1 kB] Hit:4 bookworm InRelease […]

Raspberry Pi Setup – Part 2 – Samba Server to Share Files

Introduction A Samba Server is a simple way to share files on your local network. In this article we are going to create a Samba share on the Raspberry Pi to make it easy to read and write files for everyone on your network to use. [siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Steps Connect to your Pi over terminal […]

Common Git Commands

Overview Git is a modern Source Control Management tool. It’s wildly popular since it provides a mechanisms to broadly share and merge code bases. This article lists the most common commands and by no means replaces the extensive documentation found here: Commands Configure Git git config –global “wassamz” git config –global “” […]

How Design Thinking, Design Sprints, and Lean Startup are Related

Design Tools for your Toolbox Attention to design continues to become more prevalent as organizations look for new ways to bring meaningful products to customers. Although these techniques are not new, they are becoming hot topics as teams look for new ways to innovate. In this article we will briefly go through design techniques, how […]

Zombie Scrum

Zombie Scrum

A year ago, your organization adopted the Scrum framework. Scrum helped you break down functional silos, improve communication with stakeholders, increase collaboration on your team and across teams, and facilitate cross-disciplinary skill development among staff members. It was exciting at first. Everyone was engaged and everyone was enthusiastic. Stable teams were established, and work was […]