IOS Shortcuts

Apple CarPlay Automation

Apple Carplay Automation I wanted a way to automate some of the basic actions I take when connecting my iPhone to the car. I always open Waze and always listen to YouTube music. Then I started looking online for what others have done, then customized it to my needs. Navigate Home This Shortcut will provide […]

Lean Software and Systems Engineering — SAFe 4.0

With the release of Scaled Agile Framework 4.0 a new 4th level is added to the freely available knowledge base. It is for a higher level of operation for larger organizations, providing a greater value stream for those businesses that have both software and systems engineering teams, developing both hardware and firmware (embedded software). Scaled Agile, the […]

Estimate Theater

We’re in a retrospective. This was after a major event, so we discussed a few of the things that have gone awry, like delayed integration with other teams, unfinished stories, and then how we’re going to fix them. All in all, a good open discussion. And then, as we’re getting ready to close the session, one […]

Accidental Agility

Thought Exercise One Let’s say for the moment that I am the CIO of a mid-sized company. I have a team of 100 or so people building software. Let’s also say that those 100 people are largely dedicated to 10-15 smaller products, there are few dependencies between those products, and we are currently using traditional […]