How to Overcome the Bias We Have Toward Our Own Ideas

How to Overcome the Bias We Have Toward Our Own Ideas Executive Summary Research in innovation suggests that most ideators overvalue their ideas.  Unsurprisingly, this tendency is positively correlated with status.  Less obviously, line employees working in teams are also likely to overvalue ideas they come up with.  Both biases are related to social […]

Most Canadian employees are ready to quit their jobs, survey finds

Most Canadian employees are ready to quit their jobs, survey finds Canadian employers may need to step up their game if they want to avoid costly staff turnover, a new survey suggests. Research conducted by Nielson on behalf of human resources software company Ceridian found that nearly three quarters of respondents were either looking for work, or would consider […]

On Managing Work – Not People

Managing Work – Not People Article Author:  @jamesdsteele Reference: Most leaders I work with have a common frustration they express to me: an inability to achieve significant gains in how quick and predictable they are in delivering work to their customers. In my work as a consultant, coach, and trainer, there is one strategy that […]

How Design Thinking, Design Sprints, and Lean Startup are Related

Design Tools for your Toolbox Attention to design continues to become more prevalent as organizations look for new ways to bring meaningful products to customers. Although these techniques are not new, they are becoming hot topics as teams look for new ways to innovate. In this article we will briefly go through design techniques, how […]

Zombie Scrum

Zombie Scrum

A year ago, your organization adopted the Scrum framework. Scrum helped you break down functional silos, improve communication with stakeholders, increase collaboration on your team and across teams, and facilitate cross-disciplinary skill development among staff members. It was exciting at first. Everyone was engaged and everyone was enthusiastic. Stable teams were established, and work was […]

Top-down management doesn’t work with Scrum

Top-down management doesn’t work with Scrum Scrum Alliance released its 2016 ‘State of Scrum‘ report and the results indicate that businesses are having difficulty adapting to Agility based project management. Scrum is an Agile framework for completing complex projects. The basic idea behind the platform is for workers to share information and remain flexible to client-based design […]

6 Coaching Tips for Scrum Masters

First, let’s define what coaching is. You can find many definitions, but here is how I describe coaching. Coaching enhances your ability to learn, make changes, and achieve desired goals. Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that enables people to make conscious decisions and empowers them to become leaders in their own lives. via […]