Scrum vs. Kanban

In Agile software development, different methodologies of work are used. Here at Apiumtech, depending on the project we are working on, we usually use one of two frameworks. We either go for the Scrum methodology or for Kanban project management. Sometimes, we like to mix it up and go with Scrumban.  In this post, you will find more […]

Scientists say your personality can be deconstructed into 5 basic traits

Flickr/Michael Mooney Business Insider’s Kevin Loria recently spotlighted a test that can give you a scientifically accurate assessment of your personality. The test — the International Personality Item Pool, available online in both long and short versions — rates you on five personality traits, known to psychologists as the "Big Five." You can remember them […]

A behavioral economist explains why it’s okay that you’ll never find the perfect job

Flickr/DZ Roman A classmate of mine once asked a professor how and when she knew that academia was the right choice for her. "I still don’t!" she responded. I remember being shocked — like an adult is questioning her career choices? Not possible. Maybe, though, she wasn’t second-guessing her decisions so much as acknowledging that […]

Why I Joined LeadingAgile

People who know me well might be surprised to learn I’ve accepted full-time employment. I’m sort of an independent-minded person. So, here’s why. (It’s characteristically long-winded, so skip it if you wish.) Backstory In 2002, I was working as an enterprise architect at a mid-to-large-ish financial services holding company that operated banks, mortgage lenders, investment […]