Why I Joined LeadingAgile

People who know me well might be surprised to learn I’ve accepted full-time employment. I’m sort of an independent-minded person. So, here’s why. (It’s characteristically long-winded, so skip it if you wish.) Backstory In 2002, I was working as an enterprise architect at a mid-to-large-ish financial services holding company that operated banks, mortgage lenders, investment […]

The 3 Things Scrum Teams Get Wrong

If you’ve learned Scrum and tried to implement it in any large organization you’ve likely run into a few issues. Getting dedicated people on your team is hard. Building cross-functional teams is really hard. Breaking your work down into small problems your customers care to have solved is probably the hardest. I’d like to talk […]

The Agile Chip

I’m a Detroit guy and I like cars, especially fast cars, and nowadays they have computer chips you can install that make your car go faster. Imagine that, just plug in a chip and press on the accelerator and vroooom! I’m also an agile coach and I see patterns.  With most every agile transformation I […]

ScrumMaster or Armchair Psychologist? – Notes from a Webinar by Angela Johnson

Learn more about transforming people, process and culture with the Real Agility ProgramValerie Senyk I like taking notes when I’m learning. I believe it helps me to retain what I’m hearing, although I have no solid proof to back that up. March 9, 2016, I took advantage of a free webinar offered by the Scrum […]